Being a woman today is a struggle! We are balancing the household, kids and their activities, doctor appointments, full time work, volunteering (some of you rolled your eyes at this and said, “Yeah, right! Ain’t nobody got time for that!”), the needs of our spouse, all while trying to keep our sanity AND doing it ALL with grace and poise.       cropped-cropped-foot-prints-in-the-sand.png

I get it! We have lists for our lists. Add in the unexpected loss, the heartbreaking news, the challenging relationship and one by one the balance act we are performing slowly pulls us down.  When this happens, we often turn inward and enter auto-pilot mode.  We still have all our responsibilities. Others may never know our struggle until we have either maneuvered our way through it, or we decide it is no one’s burden to carry but our own. You are not alone!  We need all the encouragement we can get!

It is my hope that you can find some of that encouragement here.  What I have learned, questions I have had to answer on my own, mistakes I have made; if I can make your journey in life any easier by those lessons, the do different-lies, and answering the tough questions, I offer that to you.

Look for posts each month about God’s love for us in A LOVE STORY FOR ALL TIME, OUR CHALLENGE and takeaway to get us putting God’s word into action, OUR JOURNAL ENTRY: an opportunity to reflect and look ahead by answering a few questions in your journal, as well as a post FROM MY HEART to encourage and find hope in the midst of trials.

I do not have it all together (not even close) and have known my fair share of struggles (including those I am in currently); but I believe the reason behind each one is to reach out a hand to those of you in the same or similar situation.

From my heart,



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