• 4 Simple Ways to Turn Up the Heat in Your Marriage + CRUCIAL DISCUSSIONS and BONUS E-WORKBOOK

    It’s time to turn up the intimacy dial from granny panties to lingerie.  From quickies to a date night.  From too tired to anticipation. From “not tonight” to “why not?” 🙂

    Intimacy happens outside the bedroom long before it happens in the bedroom.

    Maybe your marriage lacks a little of the spark you had when you were first married.
    Maybe family, jobs, and other responsibilities have taken over your marriage and the distance has expanded.  Does this sound like you and your spouse?  I know I have been there.  Is your marriage in danger?  Begin first with the e-workbook linked HERE.*

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  • 3 Elements to watch for + YOUR FIRST ACTION PLAN!

    Hi Everyone!

    It truly has been radio silence on my end for awhile and that ends TODAY! It has been a wild ride of revamping, continual learning and practice, and hard work in preparation to provide you with helpful practical ways to overcome life’s biggest struggles.

    We are starting out with the topic of LOVE! 
    No topic is off limits and we are going to dive deep. We are going to get in your business, not to hurt you but to break down walls and grow you and your spouse closer.

    So keep an eye out for:
    1. REFLECTIVE QUESTIONS to discuss with your spouse designed to build or re-build intimacy
    2. ACTION PLANS: tangible steps to put into action today designed to ensure your spouse feels valued and loved by you
    3. DATE IDEAS: carve out time for your spouse daily and weekly and monthly

    Now, enough about us, let’s get you and your spouse reconnecting!

    1. Discuss with your spouse the best time of day to spend 30 minutes* of alone, uninterrupted time together. And commit to spending the time together everyday for the next week.

    *Note: I know you are thinking 30 min?!?! With a jaw dropped. Mmmhmm *shakes head yes* I get it, we are all busy, at the same time, we need to re-prioritize our relationship. (Ok, start out at 15 minutes but then move up to 30 within the month.)

    Is someone you know struggling with love? Share this post!

    Stay tuned this week for more! Now, go spend time with your spouse!

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  • How Can I Possibly Love?

    Love most certainly impacts our emotions and feelings; however that is not all. Love is action. It is choice. It is will.


  • A Table for Two

    The empty seat across from us wherever we find ourselves this Valentine’s Day is not empty. It is filled with the love of the one and only true love, Jesus.


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