• Rejected by God

    Have you ever felt Rejected by God?

    This is not a rare concept. If there is a God, where is He in my pain and in my struggle? God must not be who other people say He is because I am still hurting and he hasn’t shown up, healed me or helped me.


  • Ultimate Rejection Reflection

    Pause, close your eyes and place yourself in that position, if you are bold enough.


  • What Others Think

    What it is like to look at me? What do people see?


  • Toilet Paper Stuck

    “Although we ignore it and deny it, we have not fooled anyone. Everybody else still sees it, flailing in the breeze behind us.”
    “What is on the toilet paper trailing you?”

  • Creation

    I crashed and burned so hard that all I could do was isolate myself.


  • Change or Chains
     It’s time for us to stand firm. We’re going to have to fight for it.


  • Keep moving forward!

    It won’t last forever! (more…)

  • Do You Dare?

    Sometimes in life, God allows us to go through the very thing we believe, if we ever had to face or go through, would absolutely kill us. (more…)

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