Ultimate Rejection Reflection (Our Journal Entry)

Many have found rejection in their closest relationships, including myself. In considering the different types of rejection, spouse, sibling, parents, family, friends, church among the most common, I believe child/parent rejection is the worst. As a parent, to have your child, your creation, come to despise and turn away or against you would be the ultimate rejection. The love given, the sacrifice made, the care expressed in rearing to adulthood, and the lessons learned from you, whether by good or bad example, only capture a fraction of the devastation that would come from such rejection. And now, to be faced with rejection.  A final door slammed, an anger fire fueled with malice and wrath.

Imagine, this: what if the only way to restore that relationship with your child was in your death, the death of their parent? Not only that, but the child being the one to kill you. Would you go that far to restore the relationship? Would you allow your child to kill you, if you knew the relationship could then be restored? What if there was only a possibility the child would accept restoration afterward? Would you then still allow it?

Pause, close your eyes and place yourself in that position, if you are bold enough.

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Toilet Paper Stuck (Our Journal Entry)

By: Nicole Corey

The crowd in the stadium awaits with great anticipation for the next great concert to begin. Seats are filling quickly and the dimming lights indicate it’s SHOWTIME!  Knowing a 3 hour concert will knockout her bladder in the first round; she makes her way out of the row, down the aisle and into the corridor.  She spots the women’s restroom with no time to spare.  Perform the standard public restroom toilet seat hover maneuver, she is finished before the quad burn sets in.  All set with clean hands, avoiding the door handle at all costs, she makes her way back into the stadium.  Most everyone is settled in their seat.  Except one nice lady who calls after her.  She turns around and sees it.  Oh, the panic!  They all have seen it too…

SO toilet paper gets stuck on us.  YUCK! Right?!  And now it trails behind us.  NOW WHAT?

Well, we have a couple of options:Toilet

First option, is we ignore the toilet paper. It is easier to go on as if nothing happened. We deny that anything we did could have ever caused such a sight and we disbelieve we were involved in anyway. Which, by the way, although we ignore it and deny it, we have not fooled anyone.

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Our Journal Entry: Change?

Change is difficult.holding-hands-pic

In 2013, everything changed.  Not by my choice either.  I had 2 options now, change or don’t change, it’s up to me. Choosing to stay the same would cost me my marriage. My husband of only 5 years at this point, was tired of coming in second place.  And rightfully so, day after day and night after night I would eat until I couldn’t move and spend the rest of the evening zoned out.  This cycle left very little room for him.  Change or  loose him, that easy. Those were the only options. Continue reading