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“Choosing to stay the same would cost me my marriage.”

This post examines change in our own lives.

The purpose behind the “Your Journal Entry”section of our website, is to encourage us to look at our lives with purpose. Here you will find deep thought-provoking questions meant to challenge, renew, and inspire us.

These questions are not meant to offend, only to examine. I have asked many of these questions of myself and they have tested me, infuriated me, opened my eyes, and comforted me. Know that many of these questions still keep me up at night as I seek my own answers.

Should you want to keep a journal of your answers to these questions and how they influence you, you have my blessing, for I know much good will come from it.

The answers are yours and private. The challenges they present will hopefully draw you in and light a fire. Therefore, keep an open my mind and an open heart. We all have our own struggles and no one is judging you.


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