It Has Been Too Long, Dear Friend


I have not forgotten about you! I know it has been awhile since you have heard from me.

Here’s what have we been up to:

Lots and lots of training! We both are currently pursuing degrees and certifications to be better equipped to serve you!

Lots and lots of planning and implementation (so many new and wonderful things on the horizon).

Lots and lots of traveling. Since we started in January, we have been to trainings in Texas and Montana. Been blessed to have spent time visiting family from Idaho, Texas, Washington and Oregon, and had a blast with them! Also, experiencing Montana outdoors, which is a must if you have not yet.

Lots and lots of late nights and early mornings.

Lots of laughter and just as many tears as life continues to deal us struggle and triumph one right after the other.

We have been hard at work with how to best serve you.  Our ministry has taken an excitingly whole new direction and the vision is well on its way to becoming a reality! Although we can’t disclose the details yet, you will be the very first to know when we can!  So much exciting things in our future!

Here’s what we can tell you:

1. Our website is getting a revamp! It is still live while undergoing maintenance with the old posts and topics.

2. We will be focusing our ministry in 5 major categories: Love Loss Longing Lacking and Life. The new posts will offer a brief “From My Heart” story and include a “Our challenge,” “Our Journal Entry” prompt and much more!

3. Be the first to know about our new focus and an opportunity to give us feedback on the above before we send out to others!
And more!

You are on our hearts every day!  We can’t wait to serve you in this new capacity!

What have you been up to?

Answer in the comment section.  Include any prayer requests or message us privately.


Rejected by God (From My Heart)

Have you ever felt God has rejected you?

This is not a rare concept. If there is a God, where is He in my pain and in my struggle? God must not be who other people say He is because I am still hurting and he hasn’t shown up, healed me or helped me.

Non-Christians use this as an argument not to believe in God. But Even Christians feel it. How do I know? Because I have felt it.


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On the Water Ministry Basics


I wanted to take a moment to write you all and say what a blessing it is to have your support. It is our prayer that the content and resources here will encourage you, provoke deep thought and consideration, and challenge you.

A few things to highlight:

4 areas make up our ENCOURAGEMENT POSTS section.  Through these links you find the most recent and a complete list within each category.

FROM MY HEART: This section focuses on stories and thoughts on a more personal note from me, including unpublished posts.

OUR CHALLENGE: Will challenge you and encourage you to take action and be a light to those you cross paths with.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Prompts you to examine your own life by answering a series of questions.
We encourage you to write/type these out and spend a quiet moment to yourself in reflection.

LOVE STORY FOR ALL TIME: Will expose you to the love God has for each of us through his story.

I also encourage you to engage by submitting a PRAYER REQUEST or posting it on our PRAYER WALL. It is our purpose to join with you.

Help us encourage your friends, family and acquaintances by SHARING (link at the end) us with them.

Thank you,
Nicole and Ben



“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

2 Corinthians 3-4


Happy Valentine’s Day

Our love overflows for you and we are so grateful for you!
You are loved!  Today and everyday by God!  In Him you are worth everything, valued above all creation, and held in the strength of his might.

Reach out to us today and let us know how we can pray with you.  Share us with your friends and family that may be feeling lonely, unloved, disrespected or worthless.  It is our hope to help them feel included, loved, respected and full of worth.  For indeed they are and so are you!


From My Heart: A Table for Two

On the edge of a thriving metropolitan area, outside the anxiety of the city, sits a quaint and quiet five-star restaurant. With humble beginnings and a quick rise to fame, obtaining reservations is a daunting task. Bringing its visitors from hours away, it offers an evening of peace in its clean white design with splashes of vibrant color from fresh bouquets on each table.


This night holds particular elegance. Red roses adorn the dining room, soft candles usher in the promise of romance.  Not one detail is spared in each place setting. Silver utensils and pristine wine glasses glitter their purpose. The lighting is as soft as the pianist and accompanying violinist who serenade its guests. The backside of the restaurant reveals four floor to ceiling windows each nestled in an alcove large enough for only a two person table to maintain its privacy. Each table overlooks the large vacant park buried under the evening’s delivery of light white snow. The park lamps offer enough light to make out the solitude and silence on the other side of the glass in the darkness of winter. Continue reading

Change or Chains

Change is one of the most difficult things that we will endure in our lives.  In the excitement and hope of this new year, many of us have decided now is the time to make THE CHANGE.  I am excited if you are one of those!  And I am rooting you on!  Change can be difficult because we’re going from something which is known and comfortable to something that is unknown and uncomfortable.  When we decide to change, the beginning is always the hardest part.  Change often means that we are moving towards something that will better our lives in one way or another; whether or not we acknowledge or believe that it is better for us.

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Our Gratitude Overflows! and Here’s What’s Next

We are overwhelmed with your encouragement and support of our ministry. Thank you so much for your likes, shares, and emails. The questions, prayer requests and stories of hope are pouring in and we are so grateful to be a resource for you.

Look for posts each month about God’s love for us in A LOVE STORY FOR ALL TIME, a OUR CHALLENGE VERSE and takeaway to get us putting God’s word into action, OUR JOURNAL ENTRY: an opportunity to reflect and look ahead by answering a few questions in your journal, as well as a post FROM MY HEART to encourage and find hope in the midst of trials.

Feel free to click around and submit your own prayer or special request through our wall or via email. We look forward to serving you!

-Nicole and Ben

2017: Then, Now, Next

island-st-luciaHappy New Year!

This simple greeting and well-wish holds so much hope!
I hope that this simple statement reminds us to reflect where we were 1 year ago, to where we now, and where we hope to be next year.

Pretty much nothing looks the same as it did one year ago in 2016. I was still grieving heavily great loss. We lived out in the woods, had our first go at no TV (not thinking it would be permanent, but we love it now!) and had a lot of time to ourselves to rediscover who we were as a couple, without the new baby we were so excited about. We were broken. Continue reading