It Has Been Too Long, Dear Friend


I have not forgotten about you! I know it has been awhile since you have heard from me.

Here’s what have we been up to:

Lots and lots of training! We both are currently pursuing degrees and certifications to be better equipped to serve you!

Lots and lots of planning and implementation (so many new and wonderful things on the horizon).

Lots and lots of traveling. Since we started in January, we have been to trainings in Texas and Montana. Been blessed to have spent time visiting family from Idaho, Texas, Washington and Oregon, and had a blast with them! Also, experiencing Montana outdoors, which is a must if you have not yet.

Lots and lots of late nights and early mornings.

Lots of laughter and just as many tears as life continues to deal us struggle and triumph one right after the other.

We have been hard at work with how to best serve you.  Our ministry has taken an excitingly whole new direction and the vision is well on its way to becoming a reality! Although we can’t disclose the details yet, you will be the very first to know when we can!  So much exciting things in our future!

Here’s what we can tell you:

1. Our website is getting a revamp! It is still live while undergoing maintenance with the old posts and topics.

2. We will be focusing our ministry in 5 major categories: Love Loss Longing Lacking and Life. The new posts will offer a brief “From My Heart” story and include a “Our challenge,” “Our Journal Entry” prompt and much more!

3. Be the first to know about our new focus and an opportunity to give us feedback on the above before we send out to others!
And more!

You are on our hearts every day!  We can’t wait to serve you in this new capacity!

What have you been up to?

Answer in the comment section.  Include any prayer requests or message us privately.


Rejected by God (From My Heart)

Have you ever felt God has rejected you?

This is not a rare concept. If there is a God, where is He in my pain and in my struggle? God must not be who other people say He is because I am still hurting and he hasn’t shown up, healed me or helped me.

Non-Christians use this as an argument not to believe in God. But Even Christians feel it. How do I know? Because I have felt it.


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Ultimate Rejection Reflection (Our Journal Entry)

Many have found rejection in their closest relationships, including myself. In considering the different types of rejection, spouse, sibling, parents, family, friends, church among the most common, I believe child/parent rejection is the worst. As a parent, to have your child, your creation, come to despise and turn away or against you would be the ultimate rejection. The love given, the sacrifice made, the care expressed in rearing to adulthood, and the lessons learned from you, whether by good or bad example, only capture a fraction of the devastation that would come from such rejection. And now, to be faced with rejection.  A final door slammed, an anger fire fueled with malice and wrath.

Imagine, this: what if the only way to restore that relationship with your child was in your death, the death of their parent? Not only that, but the child being the one to kill you. Would you go that far to restore the relationship? Would you allow your child to kill you, if you knew the relationship could then be restored? What if there was only a possibility the child would accept restoration afterward? Would you then still allow it?

Pause, close your eyes and place yourself in that position, if you are bold enough.

cross 1 verse

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Rejection: What Others Think (Our Challenge)

What it is like to look at me? What do people see?

The closest I could ever get to seeing what others see is through a photograph. And the photograph of my least favorable angle, at that, to have the most accurate depiction. But even then that is only the outward appearance.

I was on a video conference call today and I didn’t look good to me.

I was so distracting to myself, remembering what was covered in the call is difficult. I spent most of the meeting trying to nonchalantly rearrange my flyaway hairs and readjusting my top. The camera angle caught my double chin in the act and I tried my best to tuck it away. And my arms. Don’t even get me started on my arms.

Were people watching me? Did I succeed at covering what I didn’t want to be seen?  I don’t know, it didn’t matter though, because I was watching me.  And regrettably, I could not reward myself the stamp of approval.  In not wanting to be rejected by the people on the other side of the screen, I rejected myself instead.

After an emotionally taxing week or so filled with emotional eating and skipped workouts, I began to ask myself, Is it even possible to reach my physical peak? Should I even bother trying to lose weight AGAIN? My hope began to diminish and quite rapidly at that. It did not matter that less than an hour before this conversation with myself took place, my amazing husband told me how beautiful I am. But, my enthusiasm faded and I felt awful.

Have you ever felt like this?

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Toilet Paper Stuck (Our Journal Entry)

By: Nicole Corey

The crowd in the stadium awaits with great anticipation for the next great concert to begin. Seats are filling quickly and the dimming lights indicate it’s SHOWTIME!  Knowing a 3 hour concert will knockout her bladder in the first round; she makes her way out of the row, down the aisle and into the corridor.  She spots the women’s restroom with no time to spare.  Perform the standard public restroom toilet seat hover maneuver, she is finished before the quad burn sets in.  All set with clean hands, avoiding the door handle at all costs, she makes her way back into the stadium.  Most everyone is settled in their seat.  Except one nice lady who calls after her.  She turns around and sees it.  Oh, the panic!  They all have seen it too…

SO toilet paper gets stuck on us.  YUCK! Right?!  And now it trails behind us.  NOW WHAT?

Well, we have a couple of options:Toilet

First option, is we ignore the toilet paper. It is easier to go on as if nothing happened. We deny that anything we did could have ever caused such a sight and we disbelieve we were involved in anyway. Which, by the way, although we ignore it and deny it, we have not fooled anyone.

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On the Water Ministry Basics


I wanted to take a moment to write you all and say what a blessing it is to have your support. It is our prayer that the content and resources here will encourage you, provoke deep thought and consideration, and challenge you.

A few things to highlight:

4 areas make up our ENCOURAGEMENT POSTS section.  Through these links you find the most recent and a complete list within each category.

FROM MY HEART: This section focuses on stories and thoughts on a more personal note from me, including unpublished posts.

OUR CHALLENGE: Will challenge you and encourage you to take action and be a light to those you cross paths with.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Prompts you to examine your own life by answering a series of questions.
We encourage you to write/type these out and spend a quiet moment to yourself in reflection.

LOVE STORY FOR ALL TIME: Will expose you to the love God has for each of us through his story.

I also encourage you to engage by submitting a PRAYER REQUEST or posting it on our PRAYER WALL. It is our purpose to join with you.

Help us encourage your friends, family and acquaintances by SHARING (link at the end) us with them.

Thank you,
Nicole and Ben



“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

2 Corinthians 3-4


Without Excuse: Creation

By: Nicole Corey

I burst into tears as I pulled out of the parking lot of a long and horrible day. Life after loss had to go on regardless if I was ready for it or not. The dam busted, and I could no longer contain myself. I crashed and burned so hard that all I could do was isolate myself.

My embarrassment and shame was written all over my face, along with my red eyes and teary cheeks. The weather that day could have not more perfectly matched how I felt. Even the sun had had enough as it bailed behind the clouds, unnoticed and blocked from sight. Continue reading

Our Challenge: How Can I Possibly Love?

By: Nicole Corey

Some say love is a feeling, an emotion, and a state of euphoria (these are the ones just starting out, of course lol).

Love most certainly impacts our emotions and feelings; however that is not all. Love is action. It is choice. It is

Love is:
Rejoices in truth

Love is not:
Insistent on our own way
Rejoicing at wrongdoing*

So, do our actions reveal our love? Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Our love overflows for you and we are so grateful for you!
You are loved!  Today and everyday by God!  In Him you are worth everything, valued above all creation, and held in the strength of his might.

Reach out to us today and let us know how we can pray with you.  Share us with your friends and family that may be feeling lonely, unloved, disrespected or worthless.  It is our hope to help them feel included, loved, respected and full of worth.  For indeed they are and so are you!


From My Heart: A Table for Two

On the edge of a thriving metropolitan area, outside the anxiety of the city, sits a quaint and quiet five-star restaurant. With humble beginnings and a quick rise to fame, obtaining reservations is a daunting task. Bringing its visitors from hours away, it offers an evening of peace in its clean white design with splashes of vibrant color from fresh bouquets on each table.


This night holds particular elegance. Red roses adorn the dining room, soft candles usher in the promise of romance.  Not one detail is spared in each place setting. Silver utensils and pristine wine glasses glitter their purpose. The lighting is as soft as the pianist and accompanying violinist who serenade its guests. The backside of the restaurant reveals four floor to ceiling windows each nestled in an alcove large enough for only a two person table to maintain its privacy. Each table overlooks the large vacant park buried under the evening’s delivery of light white snow. The park lamps offer enough light to make out the solitude and silence on the other side of the glass in the darkness of winter. Continue reading