Why Praying Together in Marriage is Important and How to Begin [PLUS! FREE Couple’s Prayer Guide]

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Our marriage was at a place where most people would have divorced. We received one piece of advice that was a real challenge to put in practice. But if you ask either Ben or me, beginning to pray together is the first thing we did to begin to heal our broken marriage.

Praying together is much easier said than done. It is also to brush over and say, “hmm, that sounds nice” and move right on. Let us encourage you to begin today for in this healing and change begin. 
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Surviving Adultery and Rebuilding a Thriving Marriage [FREE GIFT: Couple’s e-Workbook]

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Was our marriage over? Yes, it was. We both knew it.  The marriage we have now was just beginning and we had no idea how it all would turn out.  Have you been there? Are you there in your marriage right now? Have you or your spouse been unfaithful?  Read more on the darkest time of our marriage and how to heal and protect your marriage.

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4 Benefits of Revisiting the Beginning to Heal Your Marriage [“Beginnings” Discussion + Action Plan Included]

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So many times we are told to leave the past in the past. I have seen, however, we often have to revisit the past to move our present forward. Our marriages are the same. If your marriage is strained, or you are no longer feeling the affection you used to for your spouse, here are 4 Benefits to Healing Your Marriage by Revisiting the Beginning. PLUS FREE HOW-TO WORKSHEET INCLUDED!

3 Elements to watch for + YOUR FIRST ACTION PLAN!

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Hi Everyone! It truly has been radio silence on my end for awhile and that ends TODAY! It has been a wild ride of revamping, continual learning and practice, and hard work in preparation to provide you with helpful practical ways to overcome life’s biggest struggles. We are starting out with the topic of LOVE!  […]

It Has Been Too Long, Dear Friend

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Hello! I have not forgotten about you! I know it has been awhile since you have heard from me. Here’s what have we been up to: Lots and lots of training! We both are currently pursuing degrees and certifications to be better equipped to serve you! Lots and lots of planning and implementation (so many […]

Rejected by God

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“he hasn’t shown up, healed me or helped me”

Rejection is so difficult to face and makes us feel isolated and alone, but that is not the case.

Toilet Paper Stuck

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“Although we ignore it and deny it, we have not fooled anyone. Everybody else still sees it, flailing in the breeze behind us.”
“What is on the toilet paper trailing you?”

A Table for Two

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“This night holds particular elegance. Red roses adorn the dining room, soft candles usher in the promise of romance.

However, Anne sits alone today.

After removing her coat, she checks her phone again. Nothing.

Every penny he had he saved to buy her ring and hopefully the dinner ticket will not go over his budget.”

Valentine’s Day is not roses and chocolates for everyone.

Rejection, loneliness, break-ups and deep loss fill the day for many. The empty seat across from us, wherever we find ourselves this Valentine’s Day, is not empty.

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“Choosing to stay the same would cost me my marriage.”

This post examines change in our own lives.

The purpose behind the “Your Journal Entry”section of our website, is to encourage us to look at our lives with purpose. Here you will find deep thought-provoking questions meant to challenge, renew, and inspire us.

These questions are not meant to offend, only to examine. I have asked many of these questions of myself and they have tested me, infuriated me, opened my eyes, and comforted me. Know that many of these questions still keep me up at night as I seek my own answers.

Should you want to keep a journal of your answers to these questions and how they influence you, you have my blessing, for I know much good will come from it.

The answers are yours and private. The challenges they present will hopefully draw you in and light a fire. Therefore, keep an open my mind and an open heart. We all have our own struggles and no one is judging you.


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