If I were to describe you, these things come to mind:

Stronger than you look

Loved more than you feel

Meant for more than you know

If I were to describe what your thoughts and feelings are, what comes to mind is:

Tired of the fight


Longing for more

Desperate for fulfillment



Giving up 

Empty Beach .JPG

Whether division in your closest relationship, being caught in the throes of life, struggling through a devastating loss, trying to make ends meet, longing for something you cannot quite identify, or weighed down so heavily that getting out of bed is difficult, you are in the right place!

Since you are here right now, we get the idea that you want things to be different, have an open mind and spirit, and are ready to get started overcoming what is holding you back.


  • Have no idea where to begin.
  • Are not even sure you can do it.
  • Feel hopeless and certain there is nothing that can help.

No matter where you are in your journey you want to be at peace and thrive.

You want to stop feeling depressed, you want your marriage to be joyful, you want to live again after loss, you want to be less stressed, you want to take that next step.

You are READY to have a different and more meaningful life.

But you do not know how, or perhaps you have tried to make moves in your own strength, and have ended up back right where you started.  You feel stuck.

Trust me, dear one, we have been right there with you.

NOW, we have a few CORE Beliefs:

We believe you can be free from what is holding you back and we are determined to give you tools, encouragement, and guidance to do so.

  • We believe you are willing to commit to doing the work necessary to begin to feel better, think better, and believe better.  We will be cheering you on the whole way!
  • We believe you are loved more than you can even imagine by the One who created you.  It does not matter what your beliefs are, we will help you navigate change and share with you how we have found freedom and peace in hopes it will bring the same for you.

The bottom line is you have a purpose that is important and fulfilling. Staying where you are will not get you there.


Greetings! My name is Nicole Corey and this is my husband Ben.  We are passionate about helping others experience a life of freedom and fulfillment.

How did this become my life?

Over 5 years ago, we were in the worst of pits.   We have felt or will feel what you are feeling. And we will try to encapsulate as much of that as we can.  We are by no means experts yet, (Nicole is also a full time student pursuing a counseling degree) and are certainly no better than anyone else.  We make mistakes all the time and still struggle.  We are, like you, merely trying to navigate this ridiculously large ship called “life” with but one tiny oar. However, each of our struggles have been what Ben and I have dubbed, “the extreme version!”

Since we were married in 2008, we have experienced more than some married couples will face a lifetime (or so I have been told).  Including a miscarriage 30,000 feet in the air, (med. evac., anyone?); our marriage with divorce papers in hand (only 5 years in); financial ruin and bankruptcy (embarrassing, but my, oh my, the lessons!), unemployment issues, relationship and family struggles, being homeless, military leave (letters from which we cannot bring ourselves to read *sniff*), struggles with addiction, loss of self-worth and value, uncontrollable emotions, stress disorders, just to mention a FEW.  We also experience overwhelming joy, peace, and freedom as God moves us and we do what he calls us to.  We have never been happier and continue to experience life’s hardships with a new perspective and tools that ensure we do not sink again.  It is our belief that each struggle has prepared us to show Him to you.  It is from this place we come to you.

Through helpful guides, workbooks, training courses, and 1:1 video counseling (coming soon!), we have helped many find freedom in their struggles, obtain their dream job, enhance their marriage, live within their financial means, overcome debilitating tragedy, and grow their emotional health.  

If you are interested, we specialize in getting to the core of what is holding you back at the heart level.  We safely encourage you to break down walls and see what lies behind.  Once we understand what it is, we can address it and make strides to overcome.

We have seen first hand God reach out in the middle of my storm, helping us endure, wait, trust, fight, let go, love, forgive, and experience His peace.   And this is our goal.  


In your service,

Nicole and Ben

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