On the Water Ministries was birthed the summer of 2016 on a road trip with my sweet husband, Ben.

It actually goes further back than that.  In March of 2016, I began writing my debut novel. I had spent a few months of research and character sketches leading up to that point and was ready to begin the grueling writing process.


It was during this time I began researching how to get agents, editors, and publishers.  I began at the source: my favorite authors.  In an article by Nicholas Sparks, he reminds aspiring authors that writing is a business.  I almost fell out of my chair as that not-obvious-to-me reality struck me hard.  A business? *sigh* I just want to write.  I want to write in a way that can uplift, encourage and change a horrible situation into a slightly less horrible situation, that can provide an escape from reality, if even for a moment, and offer help and suggestions for those that find themselves in the same or a similar circumstance.

My husband (with a background in business management) not only supported my endeavor but jumped in with both feet and committed to handling the business side of things, so (as he put it) I can do what I love, WRITE!

With this in mind, we began to pray.  Pray hard.  We wanted God to pilot this ship. And He is!  He began working in us and preparing us.  The focus went from just writing a novel to being a ministry to help women through their storms.

He has allowed many storms in my life and has seen me through each one (including testing my faith and patience in my current ones *grins with gritted teeth, in impatience*).  It is my belief that each struggle has prepared me to show Him to you.  And this is my goal.  I have nothing to offer except the hope that lies in Him.


I have felt or will feel what you are feeling.  And I will try to encapsulate as much of that as I can.  I am by no means an expert, and am certainly no better than anyone else.  I make mistakes all the time and struggle moment by moment.  I am, like you, merely trying to navigate this ridiculously large ship called “life” with but one tiny oar.  Each of my struggles have been what Ben and I have dubbed, “the extreme version!”  Since we were married in 2008, we have experienced more than most married couples in our first 8 years than most in a lifetime (or so I have been told).  Including a miscarriage 30,000 feet in the air, alone (med. evac., anyone?); our marriage with divorce papers in hand (only 5 years in); financial ruin and bankruptcy (embarrassing, to say the least), unemployment issues, relationship and family struggles, being homeless, military leave (letters from which I cannot bring myself to read), struggles with addiction (these are ongoing), uncontrollable emotions (nearly crying as I write this), just to mention a FEW.

I have seen first hand God reach out in the middle of my storm, helping me endure, wait, trust, fight, let go, love, forgive and experience His peace.  It is from this place I come to you.

He is calling us, out of the comfort of our boats, on the water in trust and faith in Him. The storm still swirls around but He holds us on the water with Him.  My prayer is for you to see and experience first hand His love, healing, and His grace.

I am your servant in His name and if there is anything I can do to help, please reach out.  I would love to hear from you, pray for you, and get to know your struggle.

In your service,