4 Benefits of Revisiting the Beginning to Heal Your Marriage [“Beginnings” Discussion + Action Plan Included]

If your marriage could use some healing, a break in the cycle of the same arguments resurfacing time and time again, or you feel unloved, disrespected, or depleted, it is time for you and your spouse to go back to the beginning.

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First, let me start at the beginning.

A Memory of Love:

When Ben and I first met, the first thing that drew me to him was the kindness in his eyes. Next, was how handsome he is.  I was introduced to him and immediately saw his shyness; yet, there was a peaceful confidence about him.

We got to know each other over the phone since he had moved back to Walla Walla, Washington not long after we met that evening. It was in getting to know him that I knew he was the one. He came to visit over Christmas that same year and we knew then, this was true love.

This is the first picture taken of the two of us in December 2004: (I mean, we have hardly aged, right?!)

Our first photo.jpg

I did not know what our future held but I knew he was it for me.

Building our Lives Together:

We did everything backwards compared to the traditional norm:
We went from talking on the phone to living together, not ever really dating.
We had our own apartment before we were engaged.
We were engaged before we had any rings.
We got married at the courthouse (long story) before we had our wedding and                       reception a year later, almost to the day.

We had no idea what we were doing but we enjoyed every minute of it together.


Why revisit the beginning of your relationship?

Hear this CASE STUDY to see firsthand how discussing your past can benefit your present relationship.

Marriage CASE STUDY:

Not long ago Ben and I met together with a couple struggling in their marriage.  The husband was on his way out the door and divorce was at the front of his mind after a terrible fight earlier in the week.  He had his wall up and had shut out his wife.  She was not surprised to hear of his thoughts of leaving and was equally shut down to him.

We asked them to discuss with us what blessings they had in their lives because each other was a part of it.

The results were incredible!

As they each began to reflect and consider the true gift they had, their hearts began to soften toward each other.  It was visible.  They recalled the good times they had in the beginning and even earlier in the week that their argument had overshadowed.  Once they remembered the affection they had for each other, how much they truly did love each other despite how the fight made them feel; they were able to communicate about their struggles with patience, understanding, and peace.

How about you?

Can you relate to their story? I know I can.

Even if things today don’t look like they did in the past or perhaps you are feeling like the couple in the case study. That is ok. There is healing and there is hope.

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Benefits to revisit the beginning

and healing or growing your relationship.

1. Our thoughts are turned from the negative to the positive. 
2. Our hearts are softened toward our spouses as we relive the deep love we have            for them.
3. Our bodies remember how our affection for each other increased the closer we got.
4. Our spirits are lifted as we feel the joy and unity from the beginning.

Begin at the beginning. What did you and your spouse’s beginning look like?

Set some time aside this weekend to revisit your beginnings with your spouse.

The “Beginnings” Worksheet includes discussion questions (6) for you to answer together and an action plan (date activity).

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“Beginnings” Worksheet here:

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We would love to hear from you! What other benefits do you see to revisiting and remembering the beginning of your relationship with your spouse?

Post in the comments and SHARE so your friends and family can get marriage support as well!




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