Ultimate Rejection Reflection

Pause, close your eyes and place yourself in that position, if you are bold enough.

Many have found rejection in their closest relationships, including myself. In considering the different types of rejection, spouse, sibling, parents, family, friends, church among the most common, I believe child/parent rejection is the worst. As a parent, to have your child, your creation, come to despise and turn away or against you would be the ultimate rejection. The love given, the sacrifice made, the care expressed in rearing to adulthood, and the lessons learned from you, whether by good or bad example, only capture a fraction of the devastation that would come from such rejection. And now, to be faced with rejection.  A final door slammed, an anger fire fueled with malice and wrath.

Imagine, this: what if the only way to restore that relationship with your child was in your death, the death of their parent? Not only that, but the child being the one to kill you. Would you go that far to restore the relationship? Would you allow your child to kill you, if you knew the relationship could then be restored? What if there was only a possibility the child would accept restoration afterward? Would you then still allow it?

Pause, close your eyes and place yourself in that position, if you are bold enough.

cross 1 verse
Now as a parent, imagine that you were absolutely blameless in the rejection that came upon you. Would choose to die before your time? Would you lay down your life right now for one child of yours? Would you volunteer to then be put to death BY your child? Would you try to stop him from killing you? Would you stand to plead your case?

In a mere earthly analogy, that is what God did. He took the form of a lowly human, with the humblest of births, to endure the ultimate rejection; not only of his creation, but of his closest friends and followers.

Jesus died to restore a broken relationship with humanity, with us. We slammed the door in his face, moved out, lived our own lives and put to death the Savior if the world. He died to take away our sin. Jesus did not stop the crucifixion, He did not judge his accusers, He did not plea for his life. He suffered righteously and instead, while He hang on a cross, He ask that we be forgiven. Knowing through His suffering, He would restore a parent/child relationship between humanity and God the father.

Consider the love shown to you by God. Call out to him and thank him. He did it all for YOU!

Take a moment to write in your journal or notes app your thoughts.

Think of a time in your life you were rejected.
How did that make you feel?
How important was it to you to restore that relationship?

Luke 17:15 “But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.”

By: Nicole Corey